On these pages you will find details of the products I have developed during the course of my modelling activity. I plan on adding to the range as time allows - for instance the text sheets for Tea Crates and Assorted Packing Crates currently based on pre-1923 styles to be expanded to post-1923 styles.

All products are designed and made solely by me in my workshop. I pride myself on making quality products that I have tried and tested first, and believe that they will help the ‘average’ modeller (if such a breed actually exists!) produce above-average detailing components for their railway.

I certainly don’t consider myself to be an ‘expert’ and love the challenge of thinking up ways to represent the prototype as accurately and realistically as I can in model form. My methods are therefore constantly evolving and as my product range expands will no doubt reflect this journey.

I have been inspired by many, many fellow railway modellers over the years and hope in turn to inspire you in some way.

A selection of crates of various shapes and sizes, getting ready to be loaded. A scene from ‘Midland in Bristol’.