May 2019

So, after about two and a half years of construction, Midland in Bristol was exhibited at the finals of the MRJ cameo Competition at Railex in Aylesbury, where it was awarded Second Prize. 

I'm very pleased with this achievement, especially as it's the first time I've done anything like this.

My thanks go to the Competition team headed up by Simon Castens of Wild Swan Publications and the judges.


February 2019

My fourth article in the Model Railway Journal is in the latest issue - number 269. It's another 'how to' article describing in some detail how I went about representing the hard landscaping elements of 'Midland in Bristol'. Again, very pleased with Barry Norman's editing and page layouts.

Well worth sitting down with a cuppa and having a read...

January 2019

Just finished this model of an LNWR Signal Cabin, to a scale of 1:24 or half inch to the foot. The overall base measures about 500mm x 250mm and is about 320mm high. As you can see it's a cut-away model showing the fully-detailed interior. It's my entry for the LNWR Society Modelling Competition and inspired by the isometric drawing of a similar cabin in Jack Nelson's iconic 'LNWR Portrayed' book.

It's constructed mainly from wood and mount-board, with details from styrene sheet, brass, perspex, real glass, brass and nickel-silver.

Judging of the competition takes place at the beginning of February, so I'll be anxiously waiting for the outcome. Looking at some of the other entrants though, competition is stiff!

Update - Feb '19

I gained a 'Highly Commended' which I'm quite pleased with - the certificate is now haging proudly in the workshop! Well done to the Society for a great competition - will I be back next year I wonder...?!

October 2018

My third MRJ acticle appeared in Issue No 266, describing the construction of the Midland barge (or Lighter to give them their proper term). Very pleased with Jerry Clifford’s editing and arrangement of photos.

10 September 2018

Today I had the privilege of being shown around the fledgling Vale of Berkeley preservation railway based at Sharpness in Gloucestershire, by the enthusiastic and charming Howard Parker. It’s an embryonic project and thoroughly captivating and equally charming. I heartily recommend logging on to their website and finding out more about it, if like me, up until fairly recently , you’ve not come across them before. 

My involvement at this point will be to build a diorama, to 7mm scale,  of the station building that used to stand at Berkeley. Their aim being to re-build the station to its former glory. The model will be invaluable in helping visitors and would-be donors to catch the vision to helpmake it a reality.

It will be a fascinating project in its own right, let alone helping the Railway to raise awareness and the necessary funds.

I wish Howard and his team all the best.

July 2018

My second article to be written for MRJ appeared in issue No264. This article describes in some detail how I developed and made the tea chests, packing cases, wicker baskets, crates and other items once so common goods on the railways. The description and photos will be of great use if you fancy having a go yourself, using the products available here.

December 2017

Having spent many years buying and avidly digesting the Model Railway Journal - to many the spiritual ‘home’ of the finer end of finescale modelling - I was approached by Barry Norman to write an article for the magazine about how I made the Goods Office on Monk’s Gate with particular emphasis on the brickwork. It was an honour and real pleasure to write for the magazine, and also re-awakened a love of descriptive writing that I had convinced myself I wasn’t any good at since school days back in the 70s/80s! The icing on the cake, however, was Ned and his dray appearing proudly on the front cover. Bless.