UPDATE  June 2019

Midland in Bristol is now sold.


Midland in Bristol is for sale, as unfortunately space doesn't allow me to keep it. Sensible offers are invited and if you are interested, please send me a message through the contacts page.

The layout will be on show at Railex in Aylesbury on 25th and 26th May and again at Uckfield on 19th and 20th October. Ideally, I would like to arrange a sale between now and when it is exhibited at Uckfield with the purchaser collecting from the show. If you are unable to attend either of those shows, then it is available to view at my home in Tunbridge Wells.

It is offered for sale with the support structure, lighting pelmet and traverser but no rolling stock. Locomotion is powered by radio control with on-board batteries, but I can wire it for two-rail 'one engine in steam' if required. Full details on its construction can be found in my thread on RMWeb.

If you have any questions, I would be only too pleased to answer them.

A general overview shot of 'Midand in Bristol'

The wooden buffer stops at the dock’s edge.

‘Midland in Bristol’ is my entry into the Model Railway Journal Cameo Competition, due to finish in May 2019. It’s 6’ long and about 18” deep at its widest point. It is based on the Avon Wharf docks in Bristol around the turn of the last century. Inspiration for it has mostly come from Midland Record No 30.  It is very nearly finished; last details to add plus the rolling stock to build. I have so far built an 0-6-0 tender engine from a Mercian kit with much refining and added detail. It includes radio control from Red Arrow, with the battery in the tender, driving the Mashima motor through an ABC gearbox. I am, however, aware that this would have been far too large an engine for the docks; it struggles on some of the tIght pointwork and may well be confined to running in with a train only. I am also in the process of re-building an ancient 0-6-0 tank from a Slater’s kit; adding radio control and an ABC gearbox. This one will be built with plenty of side-play to negotiate the trackwork. Although the minimum radius was intended to be 6’, I think some of it unintentionally dips below that!

I’m looking forward to getting to grips with the rolling stock - my existing stock of about half a dozen wagons, mostly 3-plank opens, is being re-built with sprung w-irons and lots of weight, new stock will be built which will be about half a dozen 5-plank opens - by far the most numerous Midland wagon seen on the docks.

Midland Railway 0-6-0 tender engine; a Mercian kit with a lot of extra detail. Resplendent in a simplified Johnson livery, as running in 1907 but just prior to re-numbering as 3153

A close up of 1761’s innards.