A busy screen on the Monk’s Gate loading bay.

Monk’s Gate is a fictional slice of the Midland Railway as it appeared in 1907. It  was designed to be my ‘home’ layout and has a scenic area of 8’ x 18”. Its purpose really was firstly to experiment with modelling techniques and secondly to provide a realistic backdrop for my rolling stock. The inspiration for its location has always, however, been up for debate; the original intention was to base it in and around Birmingham and so there is a mile post which was painted with mile 135 1/4, which positioned it firmly in the Birmingham area. Then I became aware of some photos of the Midland’s presence in the Poplar Docks in the East End of London, and so uprooted the mile post and repainted it to 14 1/4. However, someone pointed out that buildings, particularly the stonework had a definite midlands feel to it, and so the mile post was uprooted once again and repainted back to 135 1/4! Hence the title of my thread on RMWeb; ‘Midland in London (or is it Birmingham?’)!

Work on it in recent months has halted as I concentrate on ‘Midland in Bristol’, my Model Railway Journal Cameo Competition entry, but I plan on being in a position to resume in the next few months.