A very small selection - all shapes and sizes possible!

Wicker Baskets

If you look at any busy goods yard scene from the earliest railways right up until, say, the Second World War, you will notice the huge array of wicker baskets used to transport all manner of goods, as well as private individual’s baggage - identified by their initials. I have had quite a bit of fun making these in as many shapes, sizes and finishes as I can imagine.

It’s therefore no surprise that I should make these available here. They are quite difficult to price, as this depends on quantity, size and if any lettering is required. However, as a guide I would allow £6 to £9 per basket; completely hand-made and finished. But I’m more than happy to discuss your requirement. By all means message me and I will aim to accommodate you.

There’s quite a bit more information on how I made these in my article in the Model Railway Jounal No 264