This product is a set of 4 STREET NAME BOARDS. The designs are baded on the Victorian and Edwardian styles of cast-iron street names - commonly white lettering on a black background but could be seen reversed to black on white.


You can order any lettering you require, either on a single line, or as an example seen here, multi-line plates with a 'pointing hand'. The multi-line example here measures 10mm x 32.5mm, the single line example measures 4.7mm x 32mm, but the size may be altered to suit your particular text.


You will receive 4 images of your text design, LAMINATED TO PLASTICARD AND READY TO USE.




Just let me know when ordering exactly the text you require and whether it is white on black, or black on white.


All supplied flat in a ‘Do Not Bend’ envelope.


The sheets are available either by messaging me through the Contact Page, or through my Ebay listing number 283185190605, and a set of four costs £9.50 plus £1.00 post and packing

A sample sheet of a white on black single-line name board, each board measures 4.7mm x 32mm.

An example of a white on black multi-line board with ‘pointing hand’ detail. Each board measures 10mm x 32.5mm.

A board, laminated to card (Midland in Bristol).

Multi-line white on black name board.