Engineering Department Wagon Axlebox Covers

I have a photo in one of my books of a rake of Midland Engineering Department wagons, all with canvas axlebox covers fitted. They were designed to protect the axleboxes from excessive dust and grit, especially if the wagons were employed as ballast wagons. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the ‘ED’ wagons - in red oxide livery - modelled, let alone axlebox covers and so thought it would be unique to do so. Hence designing the outline of the covers onto a sheet of paper which can then be cut out, coloured and fixed over the model wagon’s axle box. The beauty of having an outline to follow is accurate repeatability for multiple wagons. The sheet of A4 paper has enough outlines for  wagons and costs £5.95 plus £1 post and packing, supplied flat in a ‘Do Not Bend’ envelope.


They are available either by messaging me through the Contact Page, or through my Ebay listing number 283189746160. 

A couple of Engineering Department wagons with canvas axle box covers fitted.

The A4 sheet - enough for 6 wagons.